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Empowering women through digital skill development programmes that enable them to have sustainable livelihoods.

Road to success


We Place Women At The Centre Of Our Programmes

We begin by first understanding women’s aspirations and their existing skills, their social/cultural contexts and the barriers that inhibit their dignified self reliance


Digital Empowerment

We have built our programmes with digital elements in its core with the help of two platforms – Skills Alpha for aspiration building and skill development and V Chimni for connecting with the customers and finding entrepreneurial opportunities for our women beneficiaries


Skills Alpha

This skilling platform is a pioneering digital approach to ensure quality of training and scale up. Skills Alpha is designed to enable skilling journeys and bring aspirations. It is focused on community building around skilling journeys and long-term engagement of learners through upskilling.

A simple User Interface allows learners to choose a course and access digital content in the local language at any time, thereby creating a self-paced learning environment. The ability to interact with other learners and the course trainers, creates a virtual classroom that also enables peer- to-peer learning.

Integration of Skills Alpha allows for easy replication and scale up of the training in several locations while ensuring the quality of the training is not compromised. 

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V Chimni

V Chimni is the digital platform meant to connect the micro entrepreneurs with the corporates and also leverage the volunteers from these organisations to support the beneficiaries on an ongoing basis.

V Chimni enables in discovering customers and connecting with them for their specific requirements with ease and help all stakeholders track the entire transaction as well as enhance the revenue generating opportunities for the women beneficiaries.

The platform supports B2B and B2C connects for transacting business via web as well as mobile apps.


Holistic Approach

We work with the community, family and women to address barriers to women’s employment, create self awareness and build agency among women, increase women’s access to information through digital literacy and knowledge sessions on issues affecting women and their families, increase women’s access to resources through financial literacy programme



We Provide Backward And Forward Linkages And Ongoing Support And Counselling To Help Women Retain Their Livelihoods.