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The Khushi Project (Smile)

Transforming Rural Communities

Khushi Centres

Vision of Khushi Centres

  • Economic growth at the level of ‘Self’
  • Fostering a culture of ‘Oneness’ and acting as a community hub leading to transformation of the community
  • Bridging the digital divide by smart use of technology applications for skill development & “Entrepreneurship”

Bridging. the employability gap is a national priority, as there is a need to gainfully employ the lakhs of youth who are coming into the working age group each year. At the same time, several businesses are in need of trained personnel

This initiative is aligned to national missions such as the National Skill Development Mission, National Urban Livelihood Mission, Skill India, etc.

Moreover, there is an urgent need for large scale employability programs.

The Khushi Project attempts to establish a model for addressing empowering the youth and women in rural communities.

Our Approach

Currently, several livelihood generating programs are limited in their approach to alleviating poverty. They focus on the skilling program itself, without taking into account vital aspects such as the unlocking of the beneficiary’s aspirations, understanding their vulnerabilities, fostering a sense of social belonging, etc. Due to this, the skilling efforts may or may not actually translate into being able to bring the beneficiaries into the fold of economic development.

The Khushi Project is approaching this issue in a more holistic and sustainable manner, and hence the chances of enabling a win-win situation for social and economic development of both, the youth and the rural communities are higher

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