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Employability Support

Employability Programme


India produces over 400,000 engineers a year, but a NASSCOM study quotes that only 25% of them are employable. The rest are found to lack the technical, English or soft skills required to be effective at work. This problem is accentuated in rural colleges where the quality of education is suspect and exposure is often minimal.

Lower down the job pyramid, India's vocational training institutes are producing 6 million students every year- however that is still just addressing 7% of youth in the 15-29 age group who need such training. Industry says less than half of these 6 million people, who have received vocational training, make it to the ‘employable’ category. These individuals remain either unemployed or sub-employed.

Conservatively, there are an estimated 200 million people in the 15-29 age category who would require additional skill-based training over the next 20 years - that’s an average 10 million people every year!


India needs to invest heavily in skill development.

According to TeamLease, 82.5 million of the current employed or unemployed require Rs 490,000 (USD 1225 billion) for training and skill improvement and the 6 million annual new entrants are likely to require Rs 36,000 crore (USD 90 billion)

This is the investment required to ensure that the economic productivity of the country increases. Across the lifetime of the individual the ROI on this investment, to the economy, is expected to be over 600%- all pointing to the fact that there are sound economic reasons for us to focus on this endeavor.


Our special focus is on vulnerable segments with socio-economic disadvantages requiring customized support to enhance their status to integrate with the society - which includes first generation university students, persons with disability and minorities and others who have been relegated by social norms.

We analyze and map individual competencies and through agency building mentor our beneficiaries to reach their highest potential and be market ready.